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Dixie Charm Estate Sales is your best choice in selling your estate. Our team is here for you. We succeed when you succeed. We take the burden of planning,  researching, promoting, staging and running your estate away from you. We enjoy what we do. And we do it all with some southern charm. 

Choices can be difficult

We personally know how difficult it is to liquidate an estate. The choices that are made can be difficult. Personally you would like to satisfy everyone, it does not always happen. That is why we are here for you. We can help you downsize or liquidate an estate for any circumstance.

Remember.... “Keep Calm and Call Us!!

After your initial contact with us, we will come view the items you would like to sale. We will go over options to help everyone succeed in your sale.. We are here for you!!!

Don’t hesitate and call us!!

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Come out and visit us July 21st 2018! We will be having 2 estate sales at the same time!! Closer to the date we will announce the address. Visit our facebook page for more details. Thank you 


With the new name of Dixie Charms, Micheal and Page did a fantastic job for my family and I in handling our estate sale in January and February 2018. They helped us in so many ways.  First, they carefully examined virtually each and every item we wanted to sell.  With their impressive research techniques, they used the internet and their own knowledge and expertise to put a fair and reasonable price on each item.  They helped us realize that many of the items had a higher value than we knew.  Through their comprehensive, we actually realized a much higher overall sales income than we thought possible.  We agreed on the criteria that gave us a higher percentage of the total income from the sale.  And as the sale was going on, we could see that Micheal and Page's [personal sales techniques increased our total sales volume even more.

We highly recommend and endorse the Dixie Charm team of Micheal and PAge to handle the estate sale of anyone who may ask. They represent all the positive sales image of two Southerners who will work hard to prepare, organize, and produce a successful estate sale for anyone who uses their services., .

                                 Geoff B